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Who else is getting ready for #christmasinjuly? I decided to get a jump start on holiday sewing this month - definitely, a fun way to take a break from the summer heat, cool off in the air conditioning and get ahead on that big gift list. Will you join me?

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Also, when you click through to the tutorial, let me know if you like my new header on the blog. I personally think it's more appropriate than the image with blueberries (?!) I have been using for the last two years. Time will show. Enjoy! :)

P.S. I have just purchased a pile of these for one of my next tutorials. Can you guess what I'm currently working on?

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New Last Week: Super Easy and Free: Baby Patterns For Beginners



Cutest Tester's Makes: 

Trudy has made a cute Enya crossbody wallet with florals, gingham and polka dots. Not just cute though - did you know it was Trudy who came up with the brilliant top-strap-connectors idea? Perfect for all quilting-cotton Enyas out there. Visit her on Instagram to see what else she sews - HERE.

Enya pattern ❤️ HERE.

From the Archives: 

Need more storage for all your notions and tiny crafty things? You might want to sew up a few of my mini KAIA bins - check out the pattern HERE.

✂️ - HERE!

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