Hi everybody!

Ok, out of the blue, here I go writing another email to you.

It's all because of one question I asked you in this week's newsletter. Or rather, it's because so many of you cared enough to respond to it. 
And, your kindness blew me off.

Remember the one about whether you'd prefer to sew my Teya crossbody pattern or the Half-Moon coin purse? Yep. At first, I was just curious. But now, with my inbox packed full with your replies (thank you all for responding, and for all your super kind messages!), I feel like maybe it's time for a little thank-you, just for my newsletter readers. I hope you'll love this:
Take 40% OFF the TEYA Pattern with coupon code TEYAspecial on checkout.

(Select  'Add to cart' then click 'VIEW CART' - there you'll be able to enter the coupon.)

Get 40% OFF the TEYA HERE

Your TEYAspecial code expires in a week, and since the pattern has not yet been offered at a price as low as now, I think it's a good way of saying thank-you.

And just so you know, nothing else changes on my blog - on Wednesday, a new tutorial will be waiting for you in your inbox, just like you're used to (plus, a free pattern!) Happy Easter,

P.S. In case you wondered, it was the Teya that got the most of your votes, so I figured you'd like the 40% off. Enjoy! :)

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