Hi everybody, 

I hope you've had a fantastic week!

Mine was - pheew! Filled with coffee and computer work. Lots of it. The testing of the upcoming pattern is nearing an end, I'm tired and happy at the same time, seeing so many tweaks and improvements to the pattern - and the adorable photos of the finished items from my testers in my email. Next week, you'll see them too! 

I was again surprised that there was still so much of work left for last-minute, when I already thought I had it all done and polished! Now come a few quiet days. I hope :) During the weekend, I'll have time to think about what I want to make next. One, my wallet is falling apart, so it would make sense to start working on a pattern for that. But on the other hand, we have just bought a second ipad, so we have 2 ipads in the house and NOT a single case to store or carry it around securely. I'm tired of tucking it behind a piece of cloth in the backpack when we leave for a trip. Not elegant, not effective, not - colorful! :D

If you were me, what would you make first? A wallet pattern, or an ipad sleeve?

Although I have not managed to write a new tutorial for this week, I do not want to leave you empty-handed, so I'm listing a few of my favorite  🎁 FREE patterns and tutorials you might not be familiar with yet.

Try them out - ❤️HERE:

1) THIS practical FREE messenger bag tutorial and template. Practical, sturdy and probably the best diy gift you can make for someone that carries a lot of things around. 

2) This free cosmetic zipper bag tutorial!

3) The best DIY floor mop pads you can make yourself!

4) Make the cutest bucket hat for your kid -  So cute you'll never want to get a different one!

5) A perfect baby-welcoming gift you can make in a really short time. (FREE PATTERN)

6) An idea for making easy felt fish for kids to play with - fun, easy, free! 

7) If you're not afraid to stitch with paper :) - How To Sew Fun DIY notebooks

8) Bananas? Crazy fun and simple to make :)

9) Sew a cute fabric pennant banner - FREE PATTERN here. 

A few of these tutorials are from my earliest blogging days, but got so popular that I still occasionally get a message, question, or picture of what people made from it. Loving it!

Thanks for reading - have an awesome day!

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Last week's: 
10+ Fun Spring Sewing Projects You Can Try Now

Whether you like classic, modern aprons or cottage style, with ruffles, ties and ribbons, half aprons or full-size, you'll find a free pattern for you.

✂️ - HERE!

Readers' Make: 
Heart-warming memories with this photo! It was a while ago when Maja from @shopmaedesigns made these cute little Kaia bins. She was one of the first people who bought this pattern, and in a few days she added these pretties to her Etsy shop. I was happy to see they sold out very quickly! 

Check out Maja's shop HERE ❤️ and the Kaia pattern HERE.


Learn how to sew a zipper tab: use the tabbed zipper end on zipper cases to make them open really wide - and the content of a case is clearly visible. No searching for stuff! Here's the tutorial.

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