Happy fall!

Hope you all had a great week! Enjoy the  'sweater weather' - and hang on those from Texas, a friend sent me a snapshot of her home thermometer and the number said 97.9 degrees Fahrenheit - that's too much even if you love the summer! 

And here's my new sewing tutorial that should be posted later this month, but hey why wait, it's ready and these little pouches are soooo pretty you'll want to sew them up right now, so:

❤️ Check out This Awesome New FREE Tutorial here

(And yes, I let my kids choose all the fabric this time!! Maybe I shouldn't have? - Check it out!)



P.S. The new-release 40% Off the GLAM GIRL Purse is ending tomorrow. If you plan to get it, it's time 😊 

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So happy to see you here!


Last Week on the blog: 🎃 10 Cool DIY Halloween Ideas To Sew  ✂️

If you're in the mood for some fall or Halloween sewing. You'll love the projects!


Cutest Testers' Makes: 

This beautiful purse was sewn by Marie-Michèle. She was new to the pattern tester team last month when we were working on the Glam Girl Purse. She did an amazing job! Check out more of her photos at @mariemichelebm and make sure to follow her, she sews adorable things! <3


...Glam Girl Purse pattern here ❤️
40% OFF - ending tomorrow.

From the Archives: How To Sew A Lined Zipper Pouch - Perfect for Your Sewing Notions!

Here's how to make a cute lined and flat zipper pouch with centered zipper - an easy beginner sewing project that will work for anyone! 

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