Hi everybody,

how's the week going? I hope it started off great! I am having fun, experiencing the other, learning side of tutorials for a change! To explain, I've been binge-watching sewing courses for hours now - loving it! (Curious? Scroll down to see more).

But let's move on to the new stuff I made for you: this time, I've got something that might help you with all home decor projects you're about to make: here's a basic beginner's guide to interfacing on the blog.

I wrote it because I think it can prevent a mistake I kept making for a long time: I had been using one type of interfacing only, and that not the most appropriate, nor the best one. Just because it felt like too difficult to find the right one - which totally isn't, IF someone tells you the basics! Feel free to take a look.


Happy sewing!

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P.S. This is what I've been binge-watching: I've been trying out Craftsy Unlimited, they have a special offer of 2 Weeks of Craftsy Unlimited for just $1. It means I can watch pretty much all of their classes during these two weeks. You can join in too if you want, the last day to start this 2-week trial is tomorrow.


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