Happy Wednesday!

I have a new tutorial for you: how to sew the prettiest Santa bag you've ever seen! Make a reusable, unique and cute Santa gift bag to put your Christmas gifts in.

NEW blog post here: --> 🎀 The Cutest Santa Bag Tutorial (here) ðŸŽ€

If you were planning to put a gift or two (or ten) under your holiday tree, now's a chance to ditch store-bought gift wrap and make your own - and use it for years to come!

Have a great week!


PS - I'm thinking of getting myself this weaving kit for beginners. Just the right new fun project for me for the holidays (and to bring me off my computer!) 

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If you missed this one: 
15+ Cutest Diy Christmas Gifts For Kids!

If you're serious about starting to sew for Christmas, these easy sewing ideas might be just what you are looking for. âœ‚️ HERE.

Reader Make: Speaking of red polka dot projects (You'll know what I mean if you clicked through to the tutorial above ;), look what I've received in my email inbox: the photo of this cute little Zip Pocket Coin purse that was sewn up by ðŸŽ€Sandra A. and she has allowed me to show it here- Isn't it adorable! thank you, Sandra!

ZIP Pocket Coin purse pattern available here.

If you have sewn something out of my patterns too, and would like me to show your creation in this newsletter, please let me know - send me an email, a message, or tag me on FB. We all love seeing what you make!


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