I have no new sewing post for you this week, it's just a new clay crafts tutorial on the blog. So no link there. However, there's one other thing that deserves a letter to you. Heck, I am even hoping it will make your day! Well, at least to those who love watching Youtube to learn to sew new stuff.

Here's a link to my first 5 Youtube videos. Brand new!*

To explain, I'm challenging myself to start a Youtube channel in 2018. 
I started 2018 a bit early and I'm just diving in, eyes closed and a bit too shy for the camera (so those are more slideshows than videos) But I'll get there. You'll forgive me a few clumsy videos, I hope :)

Happy Holidays,

P.S. Hit subscribe once you're there - if you want more videos, that is!

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