Hi crafting friends,

those of you who are members of the FB group will know I'm in a bit of a lack of time (And thank you for such an amazing support!), so I'll try to be quick today: there's a post many have asked for - how to finish a seam the neat way.

This sewing tip can save your day when you are finishing a topstitching, and you'd like BOTH of your project sides look clean and polished and without any visible thread tails. You know, not just the 'top' side, the other one too! Totally doable, even easy! Have a look.

And.. have a peaceful, enjoyable Thanksgiving week. Here we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but I do feel thankful to have you. So many amazing friends and supportive fellow crafting enthusiasts, many of who I'm getting to know better these weeks. 

Hugs to everybody :)




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And here's another announcement, 

 I thought you’d be excited about that! Here’s what’s happening: The good folks at Ultimate Bundles are running a giveaway…and not just any giveaway! There are 20 prizes (worth almost $4,000 altogether!)

I guess none of you would mind a chance to win a CRICUT Maker Machine ($400)? Feel free to check it out here:



Here’s what’s happening: Ultimate Bundles is running a giveaway. There are 20 prizes (worth almost $4,000 altogether), so if you're interested, you can enter through the link - or just check out the prizes HERE:

(Ending NOVEMBER 26)

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