Hi, fellow crafters!

First, let me tell you, all quilting enthusiasts here, I ADMIRE you.

I love seeing a finished quilt. But when I'd need to really sit down to a, say, a month-worth quilting project, I always find a way out, or a cheat sheet to just go the easy way. (Khm, I'm looking at you, my easy framed patchwork here on the wall...) Or I find myself an 'urgent' other project to sew. Easy stuff, off course :D

So to everyone who does proper quilting, my utter RESPECT. Feel free to post your quilts in the FB group for everybody to swoon and for me to see what's really out there. - One is already posted there, an amazing (reversible!) T-Shirt quilt in the making - Julie I hope you don't mind my mentioning it, it's a perfect gift!

However, there's one thing I have a weakness for whether quilt-related or not: Christmas sewing (as you might probably know already, this crazy lady sending you Christmas sewing tutorials even before Halloween!), so I was over the moon when I got an invitation to do a Christmas quilt - and I'm posting about it today.

So who's in for some Christmas sewing - again? I reviewed a Craftsy course taught by a years-long sewing blogger at Sew Can She and a great instructor, Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield. Loved it, and got myself a brand new, DIY quilted tree skirt.

Looks complicated, but is not. Looks like tons of work, but it's a fairly easy, two-day quilting project a quilting beginner can do too. Are you in? See how it went! (Also, wanna see where I failed?)

Happy sewing!


P.S. For some unknown reason, I've been getting tons of views of that other tutorial today (How To Start Stitching Without A Knot), and people keep asking me to show them another sewing tip. So I guess you can expect another easy handstitching tip on the blog, some time in November. Anyone here interested?






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